Hamelin Pool Caravan Park – SharkBay Accomodation



28/March/2020-  Important Update: Despite the latest covid virus outbreak, the The Park is still Open and will remain Open until further notice. 


The Hamelin Pool Caravan Park is located in the Shark bay world heritage area. Take a guided tour of the Old Telegraph Station, discover the stromatolites, relax at the tea room with a meal or a drink enjoy the beautiful sunset and stay overnight at the Hamelin Pool Caravan Park… an unforgettable experience. 

sleep  Accommodation

Powered and unpowered tent and caravan sites, units with aircon, camp kitchen and BBQ, toilets and showers, fresh water, pets allowed on lead.
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hotel-coffee-and-tea-facilities-in-room-md  Tea room and souvenir shop
Anytime in the day, the tea room offers a large choice of milkshakes, delicious meals and breakfast, snacks, drinks and tea or coffee specialties.
Original souvenirs and post cards are also available.

13165457871280371696old phone-md  Old Telegraph Station
The Hamelin Pool Telegraph Station was built in 1884 and became an important link in the telegraph line between Perth and Roebourne. The fascinating history of the telegraph station can be relived by taking a tour of the museum which features relics from the days when the site was a repeater station on the Old Telegraph Line. A small entrance fee applies.
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12581283071984968747missiridia_Universal_information_symbol.svg.med  Stromatolites
Stromatolites are the number one attraction at Hamelin Pool. These ancient structures formed by organisms considered as some of the first living creatures on Earth are examples of what life on Earth was like 3.5 billion years old ago.
A 200m boardwalk gives access to the stromatolites’ environment and interpretive signage helps explain all there is to know about these intriguing organisms.
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If you are a bird lover, many birds can be seen here in Hamelin pool as well. The Chiming Wedgebill, Western Wren, Redthroat, Chestnut Quailthrush, Banded Lapwing, Hooded Robin, Chestnutrumped Thornbill, Southern Whiteface, babblers and honeyeaters are just some species you might encounter.
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Good Memories, Great Company.

Hamelin Pool Caravan Park, Damian Kelly & Trish


Happy times with: Damian Kelly, Senior Staff Geophysicist , Apache Energy Limited with Trish, Owner, Hamelin Pool Caravan Park 🙂



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