Old Telegraph Station

Old Telegraph StationLong before the Stromatolites were discovered, Hamelin Pool was an important transport and communication hub.

In 1884 the Hamelin Pool Telegraph Station was built and became an important link in the telegraph line between Perth and Roebourne.

Originally named the “Flint Cliff Telegraph Station” after a local landmark, the station played a vital role in Western Australia’s communication system until the advent of the public ‘telex’ system spelt its demise in the late 1950’s.

Also known as Flagpole Landing in the early 1900’s, Hamelin Pool was an important transport terminus and was the landing point for cargo vessels bringing in supplies and taking out wool from surrounding stations as well as one of the main suppliers of Sandalwood in WA.

There were no roads in those days and wool was hauled by camel train out to small vessels which then took it out via the lighter boats to the main boats in deeper water where it was taken to Perth.

Decades later the wheel tracks from those carts can still be seen today in the algal mats near the boardwalk!

Old Historic Telegraph Station      –     Tours
The fascinating history of the Historic Telegraph Station can be relived by taking a tour of the Museum with a guide and see relics from the days when the station was fully operational

Also there is an informative live Stromatolite display with a DVD showing you how they were formed over the years and how they live today plus a painted display of how the world started with life forms and a collection of photo’s showing you the different types of Tidal Stromatolites, the oldest on earth today, a very interesting display for all ages.

Other information on the history of the Telegraph Stations History includes the story of the naked man up the pole (Agee Cross) a story not to be missed and true.

Guests staying at the Caravan Park or in the accommodation FREE access for the tour. Tours are done especially for the guests each day around 3pm or when staff are available.

The cost for entry other than paying guests at the park is $5.50 per person. Discounts apply for group bookings of over 10 persons. Price given on application

Hamelin Pool also had the original Post Office for the Shark Bay Region. In the past years opposite the Telegraph Station is a Community Post Office for the region and has limited Post Office supplies, but you can have your mail stamped with a special postage stamp for collectors or for people who like to collect. You can also leave your mail on site to be posted. Out Monday and Thursday in Tuesday and Friday.

Along the Boolagoorda Walk you will also find interesting historic features relating to the  Historic Telegraph Station era such as remnants of the old telegraph line and and historic grave sites.

Also you can gain the quickest access to the only Shell Block Quarry in Shark Bay. Shell block is the material which many of the old Station Homesteads were built from and now some of the best examples are found in Denham where you will find the Old Pearler Restaurant, still operating with a very nice menu and is open in the evenings for meals, but don’t forget to book! Also just one street back from the Restaurant is the local church which is a must to see, as a very good example of the shell workmanship of those days.

This material made very good buildings as the shell block is a wonderful insulator working well for hot and cold weather.

The gentleman who built the original restaurant (Tim Hargreaves) still lives in Denham with his wife Maggie, for whom he built it. Tim still does endless work for the community in and around Denham today.

The main entrance to the Shell Quarry is via the rear of the shop at the Caravan Park, a very short walk to the top of Flag Staff Hill (old name Flint Cliff) giving the best view over the Pool as far as the sun sets over the water. This is an ideal place to meet other campers for a chat and a few drinks as the sun sets. One of the best sunsets in WA.