Wwoofers and Volunteers are welcome at the Hamelin Pool Caravan Park. All adult ages are welcome !
In exchange for food and accommodation, volunteers can give a hand with several tasks, such as : kitchen duties, cleaning, shop work, light maintenance, weeding, pruning, a lot of clean up jobs around the grounds… It’s always a nice experience, and it can help to get the second year visa when doing the out side jobs including the veggie and herb garden duties !You some times feel that you start a job and have to go back to it again after a storm, but that is what it is like here. Weather is good one day and out of the blue different the next. But most of the time it is quite good, and the bird life is delightful. They are so active in the mornings and evenings and quite friendly. Hamelin Pool Caravan Park is a small family run business.

All the past woofers are invited to send pictures of their experience in Hamelin Pool, to patriciacox27@westnet.com.au

Trisha wishes to thank the many Wwoofers and Volunteer workers that have helped her during the past 2 years, without them her task would have been very hard, this is local people and people that are just on holiday and passing though Hamelin Pool, All have been a pleasure to meet and have stay here.